First Dermalogica Facial and I loved it!!!!

24 Aug 2017

First Dermalogica Facial and I loved it!!!!

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Tried and Tested by TV3 Stylist, Caroline Downey.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a Dermalogica facial at Barry’s Hair and
Beauty Studio and I jumped at the chance. I have heard a lot about Dermalogica in the
past however for whatever reason, I hadn’t the chance to avail of these products. My
appointment was booked with one of their therapist’s, Avril. Barry’s Hair & Beauty Studio
is located downstairs off a bustling Shop Street so when you go down the steps you find
yourself entering a calm environment away from the busy streets. The reception area is
just as you get to the bottom of the stairs where I was greeted by the lovely Amy who took
my coat and guided me through the hair studio to the beauty rooms Very inviting
surroundings meets you without being daunting. I was greeted by my therapist Avril who
led me to the treatment room, introduced herself and then left me for a couple of
minutes to change and get comfortable on the bed. The room was dimly lit with soft
lighting and candles, soothing music in the background made me feel quite serene as I
eased myself on to the treatment bed with a fluffy blanket nestled over me.
Avril started with a fresh eye and lip cleanse to get rid of makeup and the stresses of the
day using a soothing Oil Free Water Soluble Gentle Gel Eye Makeup Remover, dissolving all
traces of eye and lip makeup. To cleanse the remainder, for the face Avril used a Special
Concentrated Soap Free Foaming Gel that thoroughly removes any impurities or excess oil.
I love the feeling of a fully cleansed face, I wear makeup pretty much every day so to have
it feeling clean and fresh felt amazing. My skin was now ready for face mapping, this is
Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis, providing insight into my skin’s past and present, and
allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regime for a healthy skin
future. It took no more than five minutes and eliminates the guesswork when selecting
products for the best results on my skin. Avril explained mapping as dividing the face into
different zones, each zone is thoroughly examined inch-by-inch through touch and sight,
and findings are notated on a prescription sheet. This prescription sheet serves as a
customised visual guide, outlining on an actual facial landscape illustration where
conditions including congestion, breakouts, dehydration, and/or hyperpigmentation are
present. Avril then deciphered from the findings the best products to use on my skin.
The part we all love when having a facial…. EXTRACTIONS! Avril used a scaling fluid and a
post extraction fluid, thankfully I am lucky I didn’t have too many to remove however it is
always a good feeling when you know that the dirt deep into my pores are gone. Avril then
used a Daily Microfoliant and a Gentle Daily Exfoliating Powder to really get all the deep
dirt out of the face. Next was the Multi Active Toner, massaging it in to my face using
soothing additives. Once the massage started I was just flat out relaxing more and more
with every step of the Dermalogica facial. Once the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque
was on Avril, left the room to let me really get into the zone. By the time she came back I
was woken up to myself snoring!!! Always a good sign. Avril finished off the facial with a
Stress Positive Eye Lift, an Active Moist Oil Free Hydrating Moisturiser followed by the
Hydrablur Primer.
My skin feels amazing, it was just glowing afterwards and there was no makeup applied
until the following day to get the full effects of all the multivitamins going in to my skin.
With the busy lifestyle, I lead it felt amazing to take an hour out of my schedule and allow
my body, mind and soul relax whilst getting an unbelievable facial in serene surroundings
of Barry’s Hair and Beauty Studio.

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